Monday, January 9, 2012

A letter I wrote to D magazine after Russell's Death

I appreciate the comments after my first blog entry. I'm glad to hear people want to hear about Russ before Taylor. Don't let the haters get to you. There were individuals in the house with Russ and Taylor and as one reader pointed out I was not there. The thing is neither were they.


  1. I will address the Padre picture tomorrow. I had sent that picture to Russ back in February. We both got a good laugh out of it.

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  3. Please continue your blog about Russell. I saw him as a quiet intelligent shrewd business man. If I had to pick an abuser of the BH men, it would be Kim's Ken. Russell seemed introverted to me, pushed into the limelight by Shana. I don't believe anything that falls out of her mouth. Please let us know more about the real Russell.

  4. I think the birthday puppy for Kennedy spoke volumes about Russell....and Shana. Kennedy obviously loved the little dog. I don't think she loved being used on camera with the overkill $60,000 birthday party. Then Shana's ruse of an allergy to take away the little dog, showed a conniving and manipulative individual.

  5. I like that you are standing up for Russell. you acknowledge he had faults but, that he is being portrayed wrongly in terms of being an abuser.
    I get it and appreciate that.
    What I don't understand is why you're including him in the fitness book you are writing? You lose a lot of credibility by way of profiting from this in any way.
    what are your real intentions? To show the world who Russ really was or make a buck? Because you can't do both.

    1. It's not a fitness book. It's a book about my life in a gym. Russ and I joined the gym I now own when we were 18. He was in the book way before his death.

  6. I was writing the book before Russell passed. He was already in the book. The gym I now own we joined together when we were seniors in high school. It is not a fitness book. It is a book about my life in a gym. Russ was a huge part of that when we were young. I'm not taking him out because of the show or his death. I have met many famous people working in gyms. A book on my life in a gym would not be complete without Rusty Armstrong in it.

  7. Not saying you didn't know him and he wasn't great with you, his friends and the kids. Also not saying Taylor/Shana is being 100% truthful about anything she has stated about him abusing her and thier failed marraige.

    But in the past I have had a boyfriend who I dated for a year, then moved in with him and after only a few months he started to turn violent when I didn't agree with him or wouldn't do exactly what he told me to when he told me to. He was becoming very controlling. One night he actually took a swing at me, and i grabbed my phone and locked myself in the bathroom and called his friends, and parents to help me. (I didn't want to involve police at this point) They believed me and one of his friends came right over to help and his parents called him to try to talk sense into him. Later after I had kicked him out he showed up on my doorstep with a baseball bat telling me to let him in, and that he was going to kill me!
    Luckily he was never able to actually hurt me physically, and his friends and parents did believe me, and he later admitted what he had done and seemed remorseful. (I never went back to him btw)

    My point to telling you this is that his parents, brother, friends, and myself up until this point thought he was the nicest guy in the world. We all couldn't believe he would act like this as no one else had ever seen him act this way or acuse him of it.

    So you can never really know a person completely no matter how well you think you do.

    I'm not saying you are wrong, but I am also not going to believe you know every detail of Russells daily life and doings just because you have been his best friend for years. Or that you have the knowlegde to say without a doubt that he never harmed Taylor/Shana in any way.

  8. I'm sorry that happened to you. There is nothing manly about beating a woman. I wouldn't associate with a guy I knew was beating women. As you will find out later I lived with Russ and one of his girlfriends. There were also other people in their house who saw what went on. I do have knowledge that Russ was without a doubt attacked by Taylor on more than one occasion. My proof is not because he told me. I will get to all that at a later date. It seems the readers would first like to learn what the real Russell was like. That will be my focus in the beginning.

  9. Randy, you are such a wonderful friend. I can say this since we too have been friends since jr high. You are loyal...more than anyone I know, you allow do-overs.haha. but true, you always have your friends are so busy but always find time to be there. And, you handle the rude and misplaced comments with pride and dignity for Rusty! You rock and I'm blessed to call you my friend.

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