Saturday, February 25, 2012

Letter to Nacy Grace:

I didn’t know where to put this so decided to post it here. I sent the following email to Nancy Grace. I’ve decided she may be the only person with the courage to investigate Taylor. I’ve received a response, so I hope she’ll at least look into it. Many people don’t like Nancy, but she is a victim advocate and if she thinks children are being harmed, she will latch onto a case and not let go until something is done about it. This might be a good time for others to write to her. Go to HLN homepage and click on Nancy Grace. There is a link to email her there. She has said on her show that she tries to read all the email she receives. If you write, emphasize the harm Taylor is doing to Russell’s children, including Kennedy. I forgot to mention Taylor having Kennedy draw hearts on the books at the book signings, which is horrible imo. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning this site. Thanks! 
Dear Nancy,
I’m pleading with you to do an in-depth investigation into Taylor Armstrong. I’ve researched this woman and she is a grifter and con artist who has been at it for years. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. As you said about Casey Anthony, if her lips are moving she’s lieing. In fact, I see many similarities between Taylor and Casey. Taylor’s story has changed with each interview, especially with Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew. She’s incorporating their psychobabble into her story after each interview.
I’m a member of many blogs who have researched her and found out what a liar she is. She is hurting REAL DV survivors and those in abusive relationships each time she speaks. I can’t believe she was on HLN speaking to Chris Brown and Rihanna! Disgusting! Go to The Daily Beast, Stoopid Houswives and other blogs to read the timeline and see for yourself how this woman has made fools of the media.
Thousands of viewers plan to boycott Bravo if she returns to the show. I know how much of an advocate you are Nancy and I’m counting on you to have the courage to present the truth about this shameful farce of a woman. What she’s doing to Russell’s children is criminal! He wasn’t an angel but he was a father with children who loved him. Most people believe Taylor was the abuser in that relationship, not Russell. Watch the episodes on RHWBH to see her temper tantrums, fights, threats, and abusive behavior towards the other women. This is not a victim. This is a woman who has fooled the public and is profiting from it. It makes me ill. If she’s a DV survivor I’ll eat my hat. She’s nothing like other DV survivors. She’s a grifter, nothing else.
Many thousands of people are praying and hoping that you, the champion of truth, will out her for what she is. She made a total fool of Dr. Drew. You won’t let her do that to you, Nancy. I believe she’s a sociopath and a compulsive liar, just like Casey Anthony and I fear for her daughter’s life if she ever gets in Taylor’s way like Caylee got into Casey’s. I’m a child and victim advocate and a victim myself so I don’t write to you without much thought and prayer. We all need your help to investigate this vile woman and get the truth out about her. Please help us Nancy!

Have a great weekend!


"Stoopid Housewives"

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  1. I pray Nancy takes action. I tweeted her today n asked that she investigate that sociopath on behalf of his children. The only thing that calms me down is that I know one day shell answer to God for what she's done!!!