Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unknown Author: Letter to Dr. Phil

As most of you know, Taylor Armstrong is making the rounds promoting her book. It seems as though every time I turn on the tv or read any type of Real Housewives message board, Taylor is in the forefront. It seems as if every single interview I’ve seen her give, the interviewer automatically believes everything she says and does not question any of the inconsistencies that are glaringly obvious to anyone who has done any type of research on her abuse allegations.
She was on Dr. Phil on 9/22/11 (just barely a month after Russell’s death). Dr. Phil has always said that he is a “voice for the children” and he has also declared this year as the year to “End the Silence on Domestic Violence”. He also likes the quote, “evil exists and thrives only when good people do nothing”; yet he has not followed up with Taylor since a lot of questions have arisen that have challenged her over the top accusations and the numerous inconsistencies of her timeline.
Dr. Phil also prides himself on doing his “homework”. This past Friday’s (2/17/12) Dr. Phil show was dedicated to “outing” PI moms. He was noticeably agitated that he had previously done a show on PI moms and later he found out that the stake outs, cases, etc. were setups and a lot of the information they had given him in the original episode were highly exaggerated or out and out lies.
Dr. Phil also likes to use polygraph tests to cut to the chase to determine if someone is being less than truthful.
Because it is so easy to google Shana/Taylor and see the many, many discrepancies in her “story”, I have written to Dr. Phil – urging him to follow up with Taylor and address these discrepancies in her stories and her timeline. I am also appealing to all of you who also question Taylor’s tall tales to write to Dr. Phil. Maybe if enough people write to him, he will follow up with Taylor and we can finally clear up the lies she has told.
Below is a copy of the letter I wrote to Dr. Phil. Please feel free to use it as a guide for the letter you write.
Thank you & God bless.

Dr. Phil,
Why have you not followed up with Taylor Armstrong? You always say you are the "children's voice". Please stand up for, and be the voice for, Russell Armstrong's children. And you are also dedicating this year to end the silence on DV and many feel that Taylor's book is actually hurting DV victims and not helping them.
I just saw your show on the PI moms that were fake and it seemed to have really irritated you. Well, Dr. Phil, Taylor Armstrong has duped you also. There are soooooooooooo many websites that list her lies/inconsistencies. (,, etc.)
All one has to do is google "Shana's timeline", “Shana Ford”, etc.
Here is good article that will explain why soooooo many people do not believe her:
Here is yet another article where Russell's ex-girlfriend (the one he was living with just prior to meeting Taylor) vehemently denies any physical abuse at the hands of Russell.
She is now on her book tour hitting all the talk shows and further denigrating her dead husband's name.
Russell was no angel; but the ultra, over the top, stories of abuse that Taylor is spewing about him has to be devastating to his children. Taylor even has her 5 year old daughter at her book signings drawing smiley faces under Taylor's signature. Kennedy (Taylor & Russell's little girl) is always around while she is talking about what a monster her dead husband was.
Also, why has nobody called Dr. Sophy out? He was treating Russell and prescribing meds for him; yet he:
1) does not report the supposed physical abuse – isn’t it unlawful for a doctor to not report suspected abuse?
2) goes to parties with Taylor (while Russell was still alive) that were filmed by RHoBH to help her tell the other women about her abuse - doctors are not supposed to socialize with their patients; are they?
3) regarding #2 above, don't doctors have a confidentiality agreement with their patients? and wasn't Russell his patient? so why would he go on national tv with Taylor to tell the other BH ho'wives Russell was abusive - isn't that breaking his confidentiality agreement with Russell?
There is much more I could go in to here; but it would not take long for your staff to do some homework and see all of the lies/inconsistencies she is telling.
I'd also like to see your name cleared as almost all of the msg boards I have read, have called you, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Sophy complete idiots because Taylor conned all of you.
The reasons I care so strongly about you calling her out on her lies are as follows:
1) Protect Russell's children from having to hear and see Taylor all over the tv and media spewing lies about their father - who cannot defend himself
2) Help ease the pain of Russell's loved ones. Not only are they grieving the loss of Russell; but now they are being bombarded with over the top stories of how much of a monster he was
3) Let the public see that her book on DV is probably NOT the truth and it will NOT help abused women - it will only line Taylor's pockets; and I believe that the book will do more harm to abuse victims since most people can see thru her lies and the book with its over the top stories of abuse will, in turn, minimize and mock REAL DV
4) For you to regain some of your credibility with viewers again (as I stated, almost every msg board I read, the posters are calling you, Dr. Sophy & Dr. Drew idiots for not doing your homework and for believing Taylors lies, inconsistencies, and exaggerations)
5) Call Dr. Sophy out on his actions - he is giving all of the doctors on tv (you, Dr. Drew, etc.) a bad name and is destroying all of your credibility
6) Help to stop Taylor from profiting for being a con artist and a liar
7) Give Russell a voice since he can no longer defend himself
I have not read her book as I do not want to give that woman one cent of my money. However, there are a few posters on the msg boards that have read the book and said that one of her stories about Russell taping her was almost word for word the scenario of one of your shows where the husband was obsessed that his wife was cheating. It has also been pointed out that she has been working with real DV women and she therefore knows the stories to tell, the words to say, etc.
Please, Dr. Phil, do your homework and call Taylor on her BS. My heart breaks for Russell's children and other loved ones. I'm also afraid she is doing more harm to DV victims. WHEN you do your homework, I have to admit your staff is extremely thorough. One simple way to get answers is to have Taylor to take a polygraph test with Mr. DeMarco. Ask her about her abuse allegations. She should have absolutely no problems agreeing to a polygraph test as she states in her book that she took one for Russell.
Taylor's book with her over the top stories of abuse will eventually be shown to be fiction and that will make the REAL stories of REAL DV victims be harder to believe (or at the very least, leave the victims fearing nobody will believe their story).

I have no personal stake in this; my only gain will be a clear conscience.

Dr. Phil's contact is, all you have to do is go to and click on the Contact Us tab and then choose Send an Email.


  1. My Email to Dr. Phil:
    Dr. Phil:
    I want to know if you plan on having Taylor Armstrong as a guest on your show to answer so many questions that the public has for her. I'm very disappointed that you believed her without question when she obviously is lying about abuse at the hands of her husband. Many sites have pointed out her discrepancies. The fact that she is allowing her five year old daughter to be at her book signings and speaking engagements is a form of abuse. Imagine being five years old and hearing these stories about your daddy. Plus, Russell has two other children. What do you think this is doing to them? As a survivor of DV at the hands of my husband, I resent Miss Armstrong representing herself as a survivor when it's obvious that she's lying. She only wants the almighty dollar. I'd like to see her take a ploygraph and publicize the results. If you want to save your reputation,l hope you'll have her back on and question her allegations.

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